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Motivation Monday! 🤩📶↗️

“At first they will ask why you are doing it. Later, they’ll ask how you did it.” Ryan Gromfin

Why is this motivational?❓

If you have never lived through this scenario then read below. 🤔

Imagine the scene… 💭

You are minding your own business when in one moment,

You think of something that inspires you so much… 💡

That you think it is ‘genius’…. 💥

Or it could be something so straight-forward to you, 

But you don’t see anyone else doing it… 💤

You begin to transform this thought into reality,

And in the process, people begin to ask you what you are doing…. 🗣️

It’s as if you are moving away from the systematic normal.

That you are doing something different, unusual. ❓

People don’t understand what it is you are doing…

They don’t necessarily have the knowledge or insight you have…. 🔮

Everyone has learnt things in different ways, which makes everyone’s perspective unique, 😊

and valuable. 💲

People are just looking to understand.

So, it’s your job to communicate, what it is, when you are ready….

And here’s the rub.

It may take you a while before you are ready…

You may not know what or how you are going to communicate to others, 🤷 

so they can see your perspective.

So use them as your test subjects.

Practice until people see why.

Your tests will help you to evolve your communication.

And then you WILL hit the point where they ‘get it’….

And when someone turns around to you and says – “How did you do that?”

Instead of “Why are you doing?”

Then you have done enough to convince people to understand your “Why”.

They see the value. 👍

And now they want a part of it. 👌

And that what inspired you, can keep inspiring you. 📈

Don’t see people asking ‘Why’ as a blocker. 

Take a look at yourself and honestly answer whether you were retreating to ‘avoid’ these questions. 🪞

Don’t take it personally, take it as an objective opportunity.

It is NOT they don’t understand YOU.

They didn’t understand your idea, not you.

And when you think this way, 

You start to see your idea more as an object, a product. 

A product of your imagination, 

That has value…

And people who understand the Why, 

And see the value,

Will want to be a part of it.

So, if you are getting tired of people consistently asking why, 😫

And it’s getting you down… ☹️

Just take a step back, understand why they are asking why, use this to overcome the hurdle.

And when they start to ask – How did you do it, then you know you have overcome that hurdle….

Doesn’t matter how small or large your idea and/or product is – the same principles apply;

It can just get a little harder to see the larger the idea or product is.

So use this to help keep you in check, 

to keep your thought train on the right tracks… 🥇

And you’ll do just fine. 😊

I hope you found this helpful and have a great week. 👍