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The role of a Non-Executive Director (NED) is to improve corporate effectiveness and corporate governance by joining the company board of directors.

There is no legal distinction between an Executive Director and a Non-Executive Director, resulting in NED’s assuming the same legal responsibilities as an Executive Director. The Non-Executive Director is therefore invested in the success of your company.


The benefits of a Non-Executive Director

A Non-Exec does not need to work full-time within your organisation, instead choosing to remain independent and provide a less biased viewpoint on decisions board members need to make at any point in time. A Non-Exec’s role will encompass the following:

  • Ask Questions
  • Listen
  • Advise
  • Interpret Board Dynamics
  • Read Board Papers
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Challenge areas of concern

Non Exec Services

The value Project Parker can offer your Board of Directors

Project Parker specialises in Operational efficiencies through technology for a number of sectors/industries. The greatest value will come from small to medium sized businesses looking for a second opinion on operational effectiveness with their digital product, digital service and IT functions.

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You are an organisation that provides digital products and/or services to their customers. The sales model could be B2B or B2C focused. Your organisation is looking to do more with existing resources and/or do more with additional resources in a more efficient way. You may be looking to scale your delivery model but recognise the current operating model could scale more efficiently. You require a systems thinker to review operations strategies and operating models to provide an objective view as to whether the proposed models will scale sufficiently to meet any stated outcomes/targets.

Project Parker has expertise in transforming organisations from waterfall to agile practices. Transformations look at the People, Processes and Technology required to achieve the outcomes desired to prouce a long-term scalable solution that can be delivered in manageable phases of investment.

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You are an organisation that manages capital investments to add value into your organisation through a central project/programme/portfolio/PMO function. You are looking for independent advise on whether improvements recommended in this area will meet their objectives. Your organisation may not have a centralised model, are looking to create a centralised function and need ongoing advise from start to finish.

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Your organisation is looking to invest in key technologies/platforms to deliver the efficiencies within the organisation. Considerations as to the requirements needed, the assessment criteria utilised and the evaluation of the recommendations output from these exercises. The proposals produced on how to deliver the introduction of the technology into the organisation successfully and a review of the ROI models produced.

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    +44 (0)843 289 6122